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Building New Canaan

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An enemy thought long dead waits in the shadows.

It’s taken nearly two centuries to reach the New Canaan System. Four beautiful, pristine new worlds await the colonists, but there’s trouble in paradise.

Upon arrival, Governor Richards gives Erin a special mission: to build secret shipyards in the outer system, hidden within moons and safe from prying eyes.

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Tyre: World of endless fun and deadly danger.

Erin has been working like a dog to make New Canaan safe from its enemies, and she’s looking forward to her first vacation in ages.

But just when she thinks she can finally relax, Tanis Richards asks her to investigate a disaster at an asteroid mining operation.
What Erin finds sets her nose twitching. Something isn’t right. She has her suspicions about what really happened, but she lacks evidence to pin the blame where it belongs.

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"How come all the assholes ended up on Troy?"

Erin’s long years of work building secret shipyards at the outer system are finally over, but preparations for the anticipated attack on New Canaan continue.

Her next project is Messene, Troy’s vast, new space station, which will play a key role in the planet’s defense. But Erin finds that Trojans have a huge chip on their shoulders, and an old enemy lurks among them.

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Athens is on track to a planetary disaster.

Before Erin can settle into domestic bliss with her family, she’s called away to do one last assignment. The orbital ring that’s cooling the planet of Athens is breaking down, and no one knows why. It’s the perfect job for our trusty engineer.

But there’s more at stake than the future of New Canaan’s fourth habitable planet. In a bid to stave off an inevitable invasion, Tanis Richards has invited advisers from the Transcend to consult on the problem.