Building New Canaan

Athens is on track to a planetary disaster.

Before Erin can settle into domestic bliss with her family, she’s called away to do one last assignment. The orbital ring that’s cooling the planet of Athens is breaking down, and no one knows why. It’s the perfect job for our trusty engineer.

But there’s more at stake than the future of New Canaan’s fourth habitable planet. In a bid to stave off an inevitable invasion, Tanis Richards has invited advisers from the Transcend to consult on the problem.

Erin faces one of the greatest challenges of her career: to play the polite diplomat. Treading the tightrope of political intrigue isn’t in her skill set, but she must do it to buy the time the New Canaanites need to prepare for attack.

Oh, and if she can save Athens, that would be good too.

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