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Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Tuesday April 28th, 2020

OK...I'll be the first to admit it. I'm terrible at keeping this site updated. I think that it's an outflow of spending so many years in web development. 

However, I've decided to spend two writing sprints worth (40 minutes) a day getting things polished up. From getting links updated to adding new and upcoming books. I'm also going to remove the ancient wiki and instead link to the fan wiki with the hopes that we can get more activity there. There are also a lot of other Aeon 14 resources around the web. From about 100 hours of podcasts to special content on Patreon to the Facebook group, discord server, and more.

So, no huge changes coming in the next few days, but I think in a week or so, this site will represent more of the Aeon 14 happennings and info and be a useful hub to get all the details on what's going on!


Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Sunday August 18th, 2019

If you saw me at Boston Fan Expo (Comic Con) this weekend, click this link to get 3 free short stories to start you off in the Aeon 14 Universe. 

I'm having a great time meeting old and new fans!

Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Saturday October 27th, 2018

I got this idea when I was thinking about all the amazing images we have from the photoshoots, and how there are a lot of compositions that don't work well for book covers. But what about a calendar? Well now, that's something else ;)

The calendar features 6 completely new images, and 7 retouched book cover images. It also has major Aeon 14 dates in it that you can celebrate ;) Not only is it totally awesome, it's signed art!

Grab it on Etsy.

Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Monday June 25th, 2018

Yesterday, we recorded our first podcast and all had a blast. We're keeping these fun and informal, and hope you enjoy them. 

We're also putting them up in a wide variety of locations, so wherever you like to listen to podcasts, it'll be there (we hope).

You can check out this first episode on:

Youtube -
Patreon -

Podomatic -
iTunes - itpc://

We've also submitted it to iTunes direclty, as well as Google Play. Once we have 3 episodes up, we'll get it on Spotify as well

Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Sunday April 15th, 2018

I don’t often explain the details how armor in Aeon 14 works, and why characters choose different armor at different times, and what purposes it would serve. So, I’ve put together this article on how the armor in the books works, what properties it has, and why I describe it and depict it the ways that I do.


Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Wednesday December 13th, 2017

What a ride 2017 has been.


Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Sunday December 10th, 2017

Last week I finished the last book in the 6th episode of the Perseus Gate Season one, and once I complete the short story that will accompany the Perseus Gate eps 4-6 omnibus, I'll be pencils down for the rest of the year. Well, except for two books I'll be revising with co-authors. OK...nevermind, I guess there's no rest for the wicked ;)


Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Sunday December 10th, 2017

Some may have noticed a subtle change in the last covers of the Perseus Gate books regarding the series name. Actually, there were two changes, though one was not quite as subulate.


Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Sunday September 24th, 2017

From today (Sept 24th) until end of day PST on the 28th, is the Mega Sale. 14 of the Aeon 14 books are on for just $0.99, including the 4-book Intrepid Saga collection!

Check it out! 

Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Saturday September 23rd, 2017

As many of you may have noticed, the glossary, timeline and wiki on this site has fallen behind. A lot. However, that's all going to change. I've hired an expert at creating this sort of content to begin going through the books and drawing out the sorts of information the already on the site, and in the book's appendices, but also other information, like common drinks at different places, styles of government, throughout the stars, and a host of other details.

This information will be used to keep up to date, but also in the creation of an illustrated encyclopedia next year. I will also be creating something called "The Traveller's Guide" to Aeon 14 that will contain more editorial information about the backgrounds of the characters, the places they visit, and their experiences. 

Don't expect this to happen this year, but by mid next year, these elements will be in place.

OK, back to the writing!

Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Friday August 11th, 2017

I could have sworn that I had posted here more recently than May 26, but the data doesn't lie, that was the last time. 

Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Friday May 26th, 2017

I have a little surprise for you. I was going to put this novella into an anthology, but that book didn't happen, so I'm giving the novella to you FOR FREE.


Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Saturday May 20th, 2017

There's a TON of new Aeon 14 coming your way in the next few months. My rough estimate is around 10 new short stories, novellas, and full-length novels by October.


Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Sunday May 7th, 2017

Today, at long last, Destiny Rising is out! I'm running a sale for a few days at $0.99. I wasn't planning on doing that at first, and I didn't warn folks not to get it at the pre-order price of $6.99. So, if you want the lower price, I believe you can return it and then re-buy at $0.99.


Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Friday April 21st, 2017

Whew! What a few weeks. The release of New Canaan was a smashing success, it reached all the way up to number 425 out of all the books on Amazon. So far folks are loving it, giving it an average of 4.8 stars on Amazon, which really warms my heart. Whenever an author releases a new book there's always a day or so of worry that no one will like it--but not the case here!


Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Sunday April 2nd, 2017

Get it today (April 2nd, 2017) for just $0.99!


Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Tuesday March 28th, 2017

Today, book 2 of The Intrepid Saga, A Path in the Darkness, came out on Audible! It's narrated by Khristine Hvam who really nails Tanis and the cast of characters, and gets the subtle by-play between Tanis and Angela. 

Outsystem (book 1) is already out as well. Building Victoria and Destiny Lost are coming May 28th and June 28th respectively.

Outsystem on Audible ($2.99 if you already have the ebook).
A Path in the Darkness on Audbile ($2.99 if you already have the ebook).

Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Monday March 27th, 2017

Three months after the Intrepid left the Bollam’s World System

<Bob, I need to talk to you.> The request came directly into his mind over a secure connection, one which would not be visible to any AIs on the ship other than the one who had just addressed him.

Read the full snippet


Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Saturday March 25th, 2017

Back in February, I was contacted by Notch Publishing to do a short interview. I really enjoy introspecting my journey and what got me here, and the interview got me thinking about my early influences. I'm re-publishing the bulk of the interview below, but you can also view the original here. Note: I bought a new copy of Shadow Castle after writing this and read it to my daughter. She loves it.


Submitted by M. D. Cooper on Sunday March 19th, 2017

Snippet #3 of New Canaan is here for you to check out!