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Four Omnibus Editions Containing Sixteen Epic Books

A lost colony ship found after 5000 years
ITS ancient secrets spark a war for control of its golden age technology.

The ship's crew JUST MIGHT HAVE something to say about that...

Aeon14 - the best science fiction military space opera ever

This is space opera. Action, intrigue, great world building, super characters and character development all combined in a story you want to believe.

One of the very best space operas available today.

M D Cooper has become one of my favorite authors right up there with Heinlein, Scalzi, and many others. I enjoy the series in the Aeon 14 World. The characters are strong and witty. I am always looking forward to the next book she releases. I hope she continues to write these stories for a long time.

Hard Sci-fi meets Space Opera.

Do you like Babylon 5's well thought out story arcs? Get this.
The more gritty aspects of BSG and Space Above and Beyond? Get this.
The snark and character interactions of Firefly? Get this.
The complex world building of Dune? Get this.

This saga is right up there with my favorites, alongside Weber, Herbert, Cole, Nuttall and Reynolds.

The various AIs/Human interactions are always fun too.

Bob is Kosh, just sayin.

The Orion War is Aeon 14's flagship series, an epic tale of the greatest war the galaxy has ever seen.


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