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Perilous Alliance

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Escape Velocity - Prequel

Kylie Rhoads has fallen on hard times. Dishonorably discharged from the Silstrand Space Force, and unwilling to return home, she falls deep into debt, and is eventually sold to Maverick, leader of the most powerful crime syndicate in the Gedri system. 

She expects the remainder of her short life to be spent serving tables, and spending time in Maverick's bed, but it seems the crime lord has other plans for her. 

Close Proximity

When Tanis Richards sold her nanotech in the Silstrand Alliance, no one could have imagined the chain of events she would set in motion.

Gedri is one of the star systems in the Silstrand Alliance…sort of.

Controlled by several crime syndicates, most of what goes on in there is the opposite of legal. The Silstrand Alliance government stays out of the system as much as possible, only intervening when things really fall apart.

That makes it the right sort of place to disappear in, or to make a quick buck. 

Strike Vector

Kylie Rhoads risked life and limb to rescue a girl, thrusting the Dauntless and her crew in the middle of an interstellar tug of war. Now, running from Silstrand Alliance, the GFF, and the Black Crow, Kylie fights the very thing she set out to save.

An advanced nano-technology that is slowly changing her body and rewriting her brain--if Kylie survives the process. That nanotech, is priceless and some people Kylie travels with, would kill to sell her out.

Collision Course

The Gedri System is at war with Silstrand. As the Alliance reels, Scipio readies its forces, smelling blood in the water.

Meanwhile, Kylie awakens aboard a warship captained by her brother. Her family, the peaceful, low-tech Rhoads, have changed. Establishing a line of pure humans is all they care about. Her father, the preacher, is set to rain armageddon down on any system that opposes him. His first stop? 


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Impact Imminent

Follow the continuing adventures of Kylie Rhoads as she races to stop her brother and the Revolution Fleet from destroying more worlds!